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March 19, 2018

Candidate Update for County and State Positions-Lisa Simone

NJEA elections for OCCEA Executive Board begins April 2.

I am running for the position of OCCEA 1st Vice President.

My main goal, and reason for running, is to increase member participation in all county activities.

I believe we need to start at the ballots.

In recent elections, only about 10% of Ocean County Educators have participated in this election.

If you have an upcoming rep council meeting, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak to your association reps about my vision for OCCEA. If not, perhaps we could find time to chat so you could help spread the word.

Attached is my resume and flyer for your perusal, and to share with your local.

Thank You,

Lisa Simone

OCCEA Member

TREA Senior AR

NJEA Apprentice


local Resume


March 19, 2018

NJEA Disability Insurance

We understand your members have a few options when choosing a company for disability insurance.  I thought this would be helpful so your members know how comprehensive the NJEA plan is compared to other companies.


——NJEA Plan covers disabilities associated with behavioral health, such as depression and anxiety, while other companies do not.

——NJEA Plan has long term coverage (up to age 65), while other plans typically pay for either 6 or 12 months. ( 6 month and 24 month coverage available also)

——NJEA Plan has a more liberal pre-existing condition exclusion.

——NJEA endorsement means members have an advocate if they are not happy and has direct contact with Prudential.


Kelly Ray

Educators Insurance Services, Inc.

Voice:  732-918-2000 x-32

Fax:      732-918-2001


Representing NJEA Disability, Critical Illness and NEA Life Programs


March 8, 2018

Legislative Update

Legislative Update 3-5-18

Below please find a brief update about bills considered on February 28 and March 5.  Also, you will note that while no bills of interest are being considered on March 8, the Senate Judiciary Committee will finally hold some more hearings on Murphy cabinet nominees and the PERC Chair.

In this update:

  *   Results from March 5, 2018 session
  *   Results from February 28, 2018 session
  *   Bills to be considered March 8, 2018
  *   Suggested good read
  *   When is the legislature meeting again?

Results from March 5, 2018 session

  *   A-2039 – “Out-of-network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability Act.” (Reported out of committee, 2nd reading in Assembly.) (Support)
  *   A-3467 – Allows certain students including undocumented immigrants who meet certain criteria to qualify for State student financial aid programs. (Reported out of committee, 2nd reading in Assembly.) (Support)
  *   S-104 – Concerns equal pay for women and employment discrimination. (Reported out of committee with committee amendments, 2nd reading in Senate. Referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee) (Support)
  *   S-545 – Prohibits employers from obtaining, requiring, or discriminating on the basis of credit reports. (Reported out of committee, 2nd reading in Senate.) (Monitor)
  *   S-559 – Concerns employer inquires about worker’s wage and salary experience. (Reported out of committee with committee substitute, 2nd reading in Senate.) (Support)
  *   S-1876 – Requires Commissioner of Education to include data on chronic absenteeism and disciplinary suspensions on School Report Card and requires public schools to make certain efforts to combat chronic absenteeism. (Reported out of committee, 2nd reading in Senate.) (Support)
  *   S-1877 – “New Jersey Health Insurance Market Preservation Act.” (Reported out of committee with committee amendments, 2nd reading in Senate.) (Support)
  *   S-1878 – “New Jersey Health Insurance Premium Security Act;” establishes health insurance reinsurance plan. (Reported out of committee with committee amendments, 2nd reading in Senate.) (Monitor)
  *   S-1894 – Requires “breakfast after the bell” program in all schools with 70% or more of students eligible for free or reduced price meals. (Reported out of committee, 2nd reading in Senate.) (Support)
  *   S-1897 – Expands summer meal program to all school districts with 50 percent or more of students eligible for free or reduced price meals. (Reported out of committee, 2nd reading in Senate.) (Support)
  *   S-2137 – “Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act.” (Reported out of committee with committee amendments, 2nd reading in Senate.)(Monitor—text for this bill was not released until the hearing this morning. It is still be analyzed by NJEA staff and attorneys).

If you would like to see the text for any of these bills go to<> and put in the bill number in the “Bill search window” or call the friendly people who work in GR!

Results from February 28, 2018

  *   A-1016 – Establishes commission to approve personalized handguns; requires firearm retailers to sell personalized handguns. (Support)(Held)
  *   A-1181 – Requires firearms seizure when mental health professional determines patient poses threat of harm to self or others. (Support)(Reported out of committee with amendments, 2nd Reading in Assembly)
  *   A-1217 – Authorizes gun violence restraining orders and firearm seizure warrants. (Support) (Reported out of committee with committee substitute, referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee)
  *   A-2757 – Requires background check for private gun sales. (Support)(Reported out of committee with committee amendments, 2nd reading in Assembly)
  *   A-2758 – Codifies regulations defining justifiable need to carry handgun. (Support) (Reported out of committee, 2nd reading in Assembly)
  *   A-2759 – Prohibits possession of ammunition capable of penetrating body armor. (Support) (Reported out of committee with committee amendments, referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee)
  *   A-2761 – Reduces maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds; exempts firearms with .22 caliber tubular magazines from 10 round limitation. (Support—but seeking additional information on exemption)(Reported out of committee, referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee)
If you would like to see the text for any of these bills go to<> and put in the bill number in the “Bill search window” or call the friendly people who work in GR!

Bills to be considered on March 8, 2018

The following nominees will be interviewed in the Senate Judiciary Committee:

The following nomination will be considered:

  *   TO BE A MEMBER AND CHAIR OF THE NEW JERSEY PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS COMMISSION: Joel M. Weisblatt, of Skillman, to replace Dr. P. Kelly Hatfield, for the term prescribed by law.

The Senate Higher Education Committee will take testimony from invited guests focused on increasing access to postsecondary education in prison with the goal of enhancing employability, reducing crime, and strengthening communities.

Suggested Good Read:

Well we are only days away from Governor Murphy presenting his first state budget proposal.  Last week we learned that the Murphy Administration increased the assumed rate of return on pension investments.  This article explains how that move impacts his first budget among other things…

When is the legislature meeting again?

Thursday, March 8, 2018        Senate Committees
Monday, March 12, 2018       Assembly Committees; Senate Committees
Thursday, March 22, 2018      Assembly Committees
Monday, March 26, 2018       Assembly Voting Session; Senate Voting Session

Governor’s Budget Message: Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Ginger Gold Schnitzer

February 27, 2018

Negotiations Update

Manchester Township Education Association

1745 State Highway 37 W

Manchester, NJ 08759


Negotiations Update – February 26, 2018


Today, the Negotiations Committee met at the MTEA office from 4 pm to 8 pm to compile the data gathered from the various meetings held throughout the district.

The concerns of members from ALL aspects of the local were examined for the purpose of proposal development. The Committee is now compiling this information in preparation for meeting with the Board of Education in early March. Negotiations Chair Brian Slota is in contact with the Board, trying to arrange a date to meet.


January 4, 2018

MTEA Member Benefits Fair

The MTEA will be hosting a Member Benefits Fair at the Clarion in Toms River from 4-6pm on January 17th.  Representatives from NJEA will be on hand along with vendors to outline all the benefits of membership.  There will be prize giveaways and a buffet dinner will be served.  This event is FREE, open to members only, and limited to the first 150 registrants!

Follow the link to register:

March 31, 2014

MTEA members seek out new training opportunities

Many members have been busy this winter getting training to help the association.

When you see these members, thank them for giving of their time. Please let us know if we missed anyone:

October 16, 2013 – Fall Focus – The  Ramada, Toms River:
1.  Miriam Hill
2.  Diane Higgins
3.  Maxine Meehan
4.  Susan Morgan
5.  Karin Barrie
6.  Sonia Castro
7.  Elaine Pate
8.  Robin Johnson Cohen
9  Susanne Cummings
10. Dan Staples
October 18/19, 2013- Jim George Collective Bargaining – The Hilton, East Brunswick:
1. Keith Eckert
2. Pat White
3. Sharran Zdenek
4. Diane Higgins
5. Dan Staples
October 26, 2013 – CBC Breakfast – The Clarion, Toms River:
1. Sharran Zdenek
2. Sue Morgan
3. Megan Baumgartner
4. Karin Barrie
5. Dan Staples
January 24&25, 2014 – Winter Leadership Conference Collective Bargaining, Sheraton, Atlantic City
1.   Robin Barnes
2.  Megan Baumgartner
3.  Diane Higgins
4.  Sue Morgan
5.  Maura Simister
6.  Brian Slota
7. Sharran Zdenek
8.  Renee Strange
9.  Dan Staples
Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2014 – ESP Conference – Doubletree, Somerset:
1. Lori Przygocki
2. Barbara Donia
3. Linda Lombardo
Feb. 15, 2014 – Legislative & Political Action Seminar, Princeton,: 
1. Dan Staples
2. Sue Morgan
Feb. 26, 2014 – Casino Night, The Ramada, Toms River:
50 Paraprofessionals and Secretaries
March 1, 2014 – NJEA Grievance Workshop, Clarion, Toms River:
1. Robin Barnes
2. Jay Froriep
3. Dan Staples
March 6, 2014 – Negotiations 101 Workshop, MTEA, Toms River:
1.  Robin Barnes
2. Karin Barrie
3. Jay Froriep
4. Pat White
5. Charlene O’Hara
6. Maura Simister
7. Lisa Sidorick Weise
8. Wes Moore
9. Brian Slota
10. Maxine Meehan
11. Dan Staples
March 13, 2014 – Corrective Action Plan Workshop, Ramada, Toms River:
1. Jay Froriep
2. Robin Barnes
3. Sara Steudler
4 Geri Skoze
5. Dan Staples
March 28-29, 2014 – Dolce Hotel, Galloway Township:
1.   Maryann Adams
2.  Sue Morgan
3.  Amanda Bean
4.   Rachel Singer
5.   Dana Knoepfel
6.   Christine Newbury
7.  Tracy Racioppi
8.   Robin Barnes
9.   Heather Staples
10.  Dan Staples

September 30, 2013

Meet Cory Booker and Barbara Buono

The Monmouth County Democratic Organization
invites you to our



Newark Mayor Cory Booker (Democrat for US Senate)

Senator Barbara Buono (Democrat for Governor)
Milly Silva (Democrat for Lt. Governor)

Chairman John Currie (State Democratic Chairman)

And our 2013 Democratic Slate for State Senate, State Assembly, Freeholder, Sheriff and Red Bank Borough Council

 Thursday, October 10th
4:30pm to 6:30pm

Bates Elks Lodge #220
306 Shrewsbury Ave
Red Bank, NJ 07701


 Note: RSVP is Mandatory for Entrance

Please call Joe Grillo at 732-739-8888 or email to reserve your spot!

Paid for by Monmouth County Democrats

Monmouth County Democratic Organization · 1340 Route 36, Suite 28, Hazlet, NJ 07730, United States
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